About Us

Bobbye Rucker

It has been quite the journey for me to take on the project of breeding these magnificent dogs. I'm asked often why I would want to breed since it is so much work. The simple answer: to provide families an affordable, quality Australian Shepherd. I am not in this as a substitute job. This is a calling. Aussies bring so much joy to people. Their intelligence, beauty, athleticism, and hearts for family has become renowned in the world of pet owners. But most average families have been excluded from becoming a part of Aussie ownership because of the exorbitant prices. And competitive Aussies may be worth those high four figure price tags, but a family just wanting to love one of these beauties becomes defeated in the search to afford one. TO BE CLEAR: my mission is solely to provide affordable, quality Aussies. So I take it very seriously when I say quality....I require all the very same qualities for my moms and dads that the expensive kennels demand: genetic testing, cataract clearance, collie eye clearance, MRD1 identifiers if present, etc. and then take care of the litter with vet well checks, shots in a timely fashion, worming at the very start, And the larger requirement....loving on them from everyone. Children, adults, men and women are all included in the shaping of this little Aussie to imprint early with love and the warm and fuzzies!

So there, I am probably crazy, and with age might not be able to keep this up but the joy it brings me to know a family can experience the love of an Aussie makes it worth it! (Except when I'm cleaning up all the poop and then I tend to go off track and ask if it's really worth it!!) LOL! Yep it is. Love all my owners! and LOve those babies that become part of their family.